Simple Vanilla Party Cupcakes

Simple Vanilla Party Cupcakes

Feb 14 2016
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My lovely daughter Tilly turned 1 yesterday. I’m sure all you Mums out there can relate when I say… Where the hell did the time go?! I can hand on heart say it has been the greatest, most challenging and incredibly amazing year of my life and I wouldn’t change her for the world. She makes […]

Valentines Recipe Collection

The Valentines Recipe Collection

Feb 10 2016
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Love is in the air! It’s that time of year when you really want to impress with your kitchen skills. Fear not lovelies, I’ve got you covered with loads of gorgeously indulgent puds and treats that are guaranteed to wow the pants off your other half! Ok, maybe not literally, but it might get you […]

Bonfire Cupcakes | Cake | Party | Guy Fawkes Night | Fire

Easy Bonfire Cupcakes

Nov 01 2015
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Halloween is done and dusted now, I hope you all enjoyed lots of spooky treats! The next notable date on the calendar (for us here in the UK anyway) is Bonfire Night. Celebrate in style with these eye catching Bonfire Cupcakes! Made with easy two tone frosting, Matchmakers & Cadbury’s Flake, I guarantee they will […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Feb 08 2015
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Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me – you’ll be wondering what on earth you can buy or make for your loved one. I have always been pretty useless at gift buying, but baking? Now you’re talking my language! Here’s a great gift idea for you to have a […]

Amazing Dr Pepper Cupcakes | Cake | Chocolate | Cherry

Amazing Dr Pepper Cupcakes

Nov 18 2012
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My other half stumbled across a recipe for Dr Pepper Cupcakes and dropped some MASSIVE hints for me to make them! This weekend, I finally decided to oblige and give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! They really do taste exactly like Dr Pepper! Here is what you will need to make […]

Mars Bar Cupcakes | Best | Chocolate | Cake | Cupcake

The Best Mars Bar Cupcakes

Jun 16 2012
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  Ever since I can remember my brother has always been obsessed with Mars Bars. As it’s his birthday this Saturday, I decided to turn his favourite chocolate bar into his favourite cupcake! And just so you know, Mars Bar Cupcakes are ridiculously amazing and you need them in your life. Because a life without Mars Bars […]

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